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Video: Ben’s 400-Mile Journey for Gates

He did it! Now you can view a recap of Ben’s 400-mile journey across Utah here (photos and videos set to music):

Ben Smith on longboard

Click below to watch video:

Ben on Park City TV Thursday June 28

Watch Ben on Comcast Channel 6 or 102, or on UHF channel 31, Thurs June 28 at 7, 8, and 9am.  See some fantastic footage of his finish at the Idaho border and hear him tell about his experiences.

ALSO–Remember to stay tuned to Ben’s blog for a summary video of Ben’s adventure–Coming Soon!

New Video to Release Soon

A new video will be posted in the next few days.  CHECK BACK OFTEN to view the never-before-seen video clips of Ben’s longboarding adventure across the state of Utah.  We are collecting all the videos we can find.  Then we will build a fun summary of Ben’s trip–just for you!

So keep in touch.

Day 10 of Longboarding: Mission Accomplished

Golden Spike RV gave us a nice place to stay in Brigham City.

After pushing a few miles, Ben rested his muscles thanks to the nice folks at Crystal Hot Springs.

Ben had some BIG hills on the climb up to Logan.  Yes, Ben is the tiny dot way up the long hill.

At the top of the hill, Ben met a new friend and generous supporter.

Ben greeted wonderful people at the Logan rally at the Regional Hospital.

Then it was a race against daylight. Ben was full speed ahead to the finish line.

He crossed the Idaho line at sunset!

A generous fireman greeted Ben after the victory.

Final Day!
All throughout the day, Ben has been cheered on by smiles, waves, and honks from kind people along the way.


Day 10 of Longboarding: Idaho! WAY TO GO BEN! FINISHED! MADE IT! COMPLETED TREK!

Ben made it to the Idaho border at sunset this evening after 10 days of pushing the board across the beautiful state of Utah.  Ben was very happy.

On this last day of longboarding, the people of Box Elder County and Cache County were very supportive.  Logan Regional Hospital, Aspire Longboard, and UK2 were the three main sponsors of a terrific Logan Rally.

 Ben says,

“A huge thank you to everyone who has helped on this trek.”

This is not over. While Ben completed his trek, Gates has a long ways to go and this website will continue to accept donations. We appreciate ALL the amazing support.

Pictures are coming  … Please check back.

Extra! Extra! Read All About Ben!


UPDATE:  Very nice article in the Cache Valley newspapter.


Ben is in Ogden’s Standard Examiner again.  See the slideshow at http://www.standard.net/slideshows/2012/06/20/longboarding-across-utah-cause

By the way, Ben gave the “shirt off his back” to the cause!

More News in Addition to those linked in previous posts:

   Richfield Reaper


    KSL News


  The Universe


  Fox 13


KUTV with a couple of stories.


Earlier one: http://www.kutv.com/news/features/local/stories/vid_745.shtml

Great Coverage – Thanks to wonderful news organizations.

If we missed some, please comment.

Day 9 of Longboarding: North Salt Lake to Brigham City

On his 9th day of longboarding, Ben put in another 50 miles. He is determined to complete his goal tomorrow (Thursday). Idaho here we come!

So what did we do today (Wednesday)? Ben pushed from NSL to Brigham City, seeing a lot of nice towns and people on the way. Two film crews followed along for part of the day, the Ogden Standard Examiner Newspaper and a weekly TV program called “At Your Leisure.”

At SMITH & EDWARDS Ben bought a sporty new pair of overalls. He was so happy with his purchase that he wore them the rest of the day. The weather wasn’t too hot. We were blessed with good temperatures.

The manager at Maddox treated Ben to a delicious dinner. know it was delicious because I had a bite of his strawberry pie–Wow!

The Golden Spike RV Park in Brigham City hosted us for the night.

Ben is becoming widely known. Some people stopped us on the road to give us donations. Many smiled, waved, and gave us friendly honks to cheer us on.

At sundown, we pulled into Brigham City where a new temple is being constructed. In BC we me lots of nice people including some from Texas and South Carolina. Our list of friends just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Thanks to everyone

Logan Rally on Thursday 21st

Join Ben at the top of Utah at a rally held at the Logan Regional Hospital tomorrow (Thursday 21st) at 6:00 p.m.

We will be gathering at the grassy area on the West side of the hospital, just South of the Main Entrance, on the right of the sign that reads, “Patient Drop Off.”   This has been an amazing, long, successful, and dedicated trek by Ben.  Please bring your friends and come and meet and congratulate him.

Logan Regional Hospital is located at 500 East 1400 North

A big SHOUT OUT to our many sponsors - Please see their links on the Sponsor Page.

For example, today Wing Nutz is donating 10% of the proceeds from their Draper Store:


Thank you everyone for your continued support!

Day 8 of Longboarding: Two-Rally Tuesday, Salt Lake and North Salt Lake

Ben and Gates playing around at the NSL gathering

Ben met supporters in Liberty Park in Salt Lake City today.  Supporters included those in the park who heard about what was going on, blog followers, employees from a local business, and a paramedic who had read about Ben on a Longboarder bulletin board.

Then Ben headed to North Salt Lake where he was greeted by some loyal supporters in his hometown.  It was great to see Gates again.

KUTV also came by to do a follow up story.  See it here http://www.kutv.com/news/top-stories/stories/vid_1229.shtml

Both rallies today were attended by very supportive individuals.  They are much appreciated.

Walkers Gas/Convenience Stores donated gift certificates.  Winegars Grocery Store supplied drinks.  Revie Boards the Newest and Greatest company specializing in Longboards for Girls helped out by GIVING AWAY one of their Awesome Longboards.  Check out their selection at www.revieboards.com/prelaunch

Ben logged about 21 miles today.

2 Big Events Tuesday — Liberty Park and Foxboro North Park

Tuesday is a big day…  please join us.

Ben will be at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City Tuesday at 12 noon.  Those interested in meeting Ben and learning about Gates are welcome to meet Ben at the Northeast corner of Liberty Park.

Ben will meet up with Gates at the Foxboro North Regional Park Tuesday night at 7pm.  The park is located west of Redwood Road on 1100 North in North Salt Lake.  The easiest way to get there is to take the I-15 exit 2600 South in Bountiful. The road becomes 1100 North.  Go as far west as you can.  Everyone is welcome to come.  We will have some of our sponsors there, raffling off some merchandise and gift certificates.

It will be great to see both Ben and Gates.  And it will be great for them to see you.


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