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Video: Ben’s 400-Mile Journey for Gates

He did it! Now you can view a recap of Ben’s 400-mile journey across Utah here (photos and videos set to music):

Ben Smith on longboard

Click below to watch video:

Day 8 of Longboarding: Two-Rally Tuesday, Salt Lake and North Salt Lake

Ben and Gates playing around at the NSL gathering

Ben met supporters in Liberty Park in Salt Lake City today.  Supporters included those in the park who heard about what was going on, blog followers, employees from a local business, and a paramedic who had read about Ben on a Longboarder bulletin board.

Then Ben headed to North Salt Lake where he was greeted by some loyal supporters in his hometown.  It was great to see Gates again.

KUTV also came by to do a follow up story.  See it here http://www.kutv.com/news/top-stories/stories/vid_1229.shtml

Both rallies today were attended by very supportive individuals.  They are much appreciated.

Walkers Gas/Convenience Stores donated gift certificates.  Winegars Grocery Store supplied drinks.  Revie Boards the Newest and Greatest company specializing in Longboards for Girls helped out by GIVING AWAY one of their Awesome Longboards.  Check out their selection at www.revieboards.com/prelaunch

Ben logged about 21 miles today.


TOMORROW Tuesday, June 19th, Ben will be cruising through North Salt Lake/Bountiful and stop for a Rally there on t 7:00 p.m.

Come to Foxboro Regional Park right by the Legacy Parkway bike trail. Please come meet BEN and hear about his ride thus far. The Park is at 1100 North in North Salt Lake.

Plus . . .
REVIE BOARDS will be raffling and giving away one of their NEW LONGBOARDS. All PROCEEDS from the raffle will be donated to the cause. Don’t miss this opportunity to donate to a good cause and WIN a $200 custom board!  To see their new Incredible Catalog go to http://www.revieboards.com/prelaunch
Help spread the word. Come chat with him, give him a pat on the back as encouragement and a perhaps few bucks to help his friend.

Thanks to all the many, many, who have supported so far in so many ways!!!
PLEASE make time to stop by and SUPPORT Ben SUPPORT his friend. Any help is more than appreciated.

Watch KUTV Channel 2 tonight at 10.

We are excited that KUTV Channel 2 will be covering the Longboard Utah for Gates story tonight at 10 p.m. MST. Tune in and we will post the link to the story afterward!

Here is the link to the story that aired:

Why Ben is longboarding across Utah.

My name is Ben Smith. For my summer vacation, I’m going to longboard across the mostly desert state of Utah. Crazy, right?

I’m doing this because I love to longboard. But I’m mostly doing it because I want to do something for my friend. If you can support me a little, I will keep you updated along my journey with photos and blog comments. I just want to do something good for Gates, and you can help me do it.

—Ben Smith, Age 15

Ben Smith to longboard across Utah to raise money for friend.

This blog will be the home of the fundraiser “Longboard Utah for Gates,” which is an event planned for the summer of 2012.

Last year, Gates Hunsaker was paralyzed in a snowboarding accident. He lost the use of his legs. Ben Smith, a 15-year-old friend, has made a goal to longboard across the entire state of Utah (from southern border to northern border) during the summer of 2012. Ben, his family and friends ask that you support him by donating money to the cause. All proceeds raised will be donated toward transportation upgrades that will allow Gates to drive a vehicle with hand controls.

Please stay tuned for further updates.

—Longboard Utah for Gates Team

Gates Hunsaker and friends

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