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Day 10 of Longboarding: Idaho! WAY TO GO BEN! FINISHED! MADE IT! COMPLETED TREK!

Ben made it to the Idaho border at sunset this evening after 10 days of pushing the board across the beautiful state of Utah.  Ben was very happy.

On this last day of longboarding, the people of Box Elder County and Cache County were very supportive.  Logan Regional Hospital, Aspire Longboard, and UK2 were the three main sponsors of a terrific Logan Rally.

 Ben says,

“A huge thank you to everyone who has helped on this trek.”

This is not over. While Ben completed his trek, Gates has a long ways to go and this website will continue to accept donations. We appreciate ALL the amazing support.

Pictures are coming  … Please check back.

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6 thoughts on “Day 10 of Longboarding: Idaho! WAY TO GO BEN! FINISHED! MADE IT! COMPLETED TREK!

  1. Great Job Ben!! A special THANK YOU from the Gates Hunsaker Family!!!

  2. John G. on said:

    Good job Ben – you look so good in overalls.

  3. Ken S. on said:

    Thanks for all the reports and pictures on the blog. Outstanding young man! Impressive accomplishment! Wonderful cause!

  4. Christie on said:

    it was such an honor to meet you in person! What a great young man you are in helping out Gates in this special way. You are one heck of a great guy. I only spoke with you for a few minutes but fell in love with the great person you are!
    Keep going!
    Everyone please support Ben in this great adventure for my family member Gates! Both are great young men with great goals in their lives!

    Christie H Petersen

  5. Awai (Chris Riches) on said:

    Awesome job Ben!

  6. We want to see the photos from the finish line. Details, we want more details.

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