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Day 9 of Longboarding: North Salt Lake to Brigham City

On his 9th day of longboarding, Ben put in another 50 miles. He is determined to complete his goal tomorrow (Thursday). Idaho here we come!

So what did we do today (Wednesday)? Ben pushed from NSL to Brigham City, seeing a lot of nice towns and people on the way. Two film crews followed along for part of the day, the Ogden Standard Examiner Newspaper and a weekly TV program called “At Your Leisure.”

At SMITH & EDWARDS Ben bought a sporty new pair of overalls. He was so happy with his purchase that he wore them the rest of the day. The weather wasn’t too hot. We were blessed with good temperatures.

The manager at Maddox treated Ben to a delicious dinner. know it was delicious because I had a bite of his strawberry pie–Wow!

The Golden Spike RV Park in Brigham City hosted us for the night.

Ben is becoming widely known. Some people stopped us on the road to give us donations. Many smiled, waved, and gave us friendly honks to cheer us on.

At sundown, we pulled into Brigham City where a new temple is being constructed. In BC we me lots of nice people including some from Texas and South Carolina. Our list of friends just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Thanks to everyone

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2 thoughts on “Day 9 of Longboarding: North Salt Lake to Brigham City

  1. Wow. Those overalls are sure….nice. :) That’s neat that people recognized Ben, and pulled over!

  2. Hey, what is he doing in the middle of the road?? Just because he wears fancy overalls doesn’t give him ownership of the entire highway. Or does it?

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